Weight Management

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right!” – Henry Ford

weightFirstly I’d like tocongratulate you for making this first step to becoming a slimmer and healthier you.

Like many others before you, you’ve probably been through the many rounds of dieting, commonly called ‘the yo-yo method’ before looking at hypnotherapy.

Well… you got here in the end. We are often the ‘last resort’.

Please be aware that hypnotherapy works if you want to live healthier, reduce weight and keep it off permanently, but YOU must really want it to work!

If you are looking on behalf of someone else, or because someone else wants you to be slimmer, then please don’t waste your money. Contact me when YOU really want to manage your weight, long term!!

There may be several reasons for people to feel the need to reduce weight and thus different approaches are required to achieve your desired outcome. Because you are unique, each person’s treatment plan is different and is developed between you and I, to suit you personally.

Therefore it is vital that we thoroughly discuss and agree your treatment plan, by you making contact with me and booking a free, no obligation and totally confidential consultation as the first, important step to a permanently healthier and slimmer YOU!

Treatment may include a virtual hypnotic ‘gastric band’ fitting if this is found to be beneficial. In this treatment, you have a ‘virtual gastric band’ inserted via your mind, with no need whatever for any surgery… and it works just as well! If found to be suitable this follows a minimum of two sessions of hypnotherapy treatment. Please note that I will not commit to gastric band therapy until we have met, discussed issues and had at least two sessions.

I have had full training in this procedure from someone who has studied alongside all the leading experts, including UK and European schools of hypnotherapy and leading experts from the States; this person is a multiple award-winner and is a registered supervisor and senior full accredited member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (A.P.H.P.).

So CALL or text me now, or alternatively EMAIL me to discuss how I can help you fix your weight issues permanently.