Stress and Anxiety

stressWe are all stressed at certain times of our lives. Jobs, children, partners, weather, money worries, parents, friends and many others can contribute to the level of stress and the amount of anxiety that we each experience.

It is in fact, part of our built in defence system… the ‘flight or fight response’ as it is often called.

The ability to control the effect it has upon us, however, is where hypnotherapy is ideal. Hypnotherapy is all about the client being in a very relaxed state, and I have several methods in my portfolio to help
this to happen.

Many clients report that they have never felt more relaxed than when in an, induced, hypnotic trance. In fact some clients complain when brought out of it!!

Not only do I help you to be relaxed, but I teach you how to do it for yourself, to use as and when you may need it. That could be leading up to and attending job interviews, speaking in public, facing exams or the dreaded driving test, meeting new people or many other situations.

All of these activities, and many others, can have a significant impact on your future happiness, wealth and self esteem – so do CONTACT me… let’s talk about your stress and anxiety and put into the past!

More serious issues, such as panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and others can be helped using hypnotherapy – and in many cases, eliminated!