Improved Performance

performancePerformance, at any level, is about skill… and mindset.

The skill level is your bit. If you can’t play the piano, no amount of hypnotherapy can teach you to hit the keys in the right order, and at the right time.

However, I CAN help you with your mindset. This is, actually, extremely important, and can be called many things: confidence, self-belief, self esteem, will power, focus, self efficacy, dedication, and memory being just a few!

These aspects of your performance are ideally suited to hypnotherapy, and I myself have overcome most of them at some point or other in my life.

As a sportsman, team manager and coach, and with great experience in business as a manager,  facilitator, team leader and presenter, I am more than qualified to understand the arising issues.

As a qualified and a registered hypnotherapist, I am then able to put my empathy to work, in the form of concentrated action to help you overcome any issues you may have.

These include:

  • Sports performance – football, cricket, golf, darts… you name it!
  • Study – learning and overcoming any exam nerves including driving tests, theory tests.
  • Business – improved sales performance, enhanced promotion
    prospects, interview nerves overcome.
  • Relationship performances.

So do CONTACT me now, and put your performance issues where they belong.. in the past!