Children’s Issues

childrenGood news!

Hypnotherapy is ideally suited to children’s issues. They have less inhibitions than adults and are used to using their imagination, living in it for large parts of every day.
They are usually very capable of visualising situations, real or imaginary, and often have never been exposed to “the dreaded stage hypnosis!”.
With a child as a client, it is very important to consider age and or maturity. Children of five years of age respond quite differently to teenagers.
My excellent training and experience covers this more than adequately giving me many approaches to different ages, maturity and treatments required.
Being a father to a boy and a girl, and a grandfather to two boys and two girls, with ages ranging from four to 18 years, has prepared me well – especially with younger children.
I am happy to have a parent present during the treatment, subject to initial discussion and agreement on you involvement.
As in all treatments, I will consider home visits subject to discussion, possible pre-visit and agreement.
Treatments for children are pretty much the same as for adults the more common being: fears and phobias, bed wetting and soiling, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, lack of confidence including school and
exams etc, stuttering, asthma, tics, bad habits (including nail biting, hair pulling, thumb sucking) and other conditions.
Please note I will not consider treating children of less than 5 years of age and, in addition that professional medical advice has been sought and approved.
Please do CONTACT me to discuss what is troubling you – in confidence, free and with no obligation.