About Mike Cole Therapies

Mike2Hi, I’m Mike, and I would like to introduce myself and explain a little about Mike Cole Therapies.

I’m actually an engineer, so hypnotherapy is quite a long way from my original profession! My interest in the power of the mind began several years ago, when I came across a memory training system, which I found to be quite amazing.

I have always been interested in self-development, and at that time I felt the need to move on at work and get into management. As a result, I started looking into further education, especially a degree.

The memory system I studied gave me the confidence to ‘go for it’.. and I did! Six years later, at the ripe old age of 45, I graduated from the ‘Open University’, one full year studying psychology.

I then studied many ‘self help’ books and found hypnotherapy extremely interesting – helping others to overcome issues that are holding them back, not only from living a normal life but also from achieving their true potential. Finally, I sought out the best, and was trained by Steve Burgess of Lionheart training in Beverley.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting people, developing and carrying out treatment plans with them and especially seeing the results. My sole aim is to help you resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Hopefully then you will want to refer me to others in need of some help.

My business hours are as follows:

  • E-mail – 24/7 responses as soon as practicable, with ‘out of office’ notification where appropriate
  • Mobile phone – 8.30am-9pm, seven days per week
  • Consultation and treatment – Mon-Fri, Starting session times 10am-8pm

Feel free to CONTACT ME to find out more.



“I first approached Mike through family ties as to aid my 11-year-old daughter with ever increasing confidence issues, which held her back in her school, social and sporting achievements.

A pre-treatment session with Mike was set with my daughter, and from the onset it was clear Mike’s patience and quietly focused way of asking the right questions to get the right answers would aid my
daughter immensely.

I personally felt confident and at ease, and completely trusted his capabilities and professionalism.

After just one session, the alteration to my daughter’s whole demeanor and attitude was noticeable; her sport was one major aspect where her confidence let her down but the next event she attended saw her with immense drive and wanting to participate and achieve, which paid off with player of the match and much praise.

This aside her confidence has grown tenfold and she continues to build on it, with the aid of Mike’s inspirational CD.

What is so good to see as a parent is the little things in her day to day life, where her new found confidence plays a large role, social situations are tackled with ease and her school work and
achievements have risen as the fear of failure has gone.

I would finally like to thank Mike for his professional attitude and confidential approach to my daughter’s treatment; he is a credit to his profession and the results speak for themselves.

I would without any doubt recommend Mike to individuals in the same situation as we found ourselves; his ability to unlock the power of the mind and assist my daughter reach her goals was amazing.”

– NG, Scunthorpe